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MMD RWBY: Yang vs Mercury :icondigital-silvereyes:Digital-SilverEyes 17 1
RWBY Fantasy ~ Chapter 38
Chapter 38: Ifrit the, infernian
With plans set and place for our heroes to enter
the heavily guarded beacon academy, with white fang and imperial soldiers
roaming around, also a distress signal coming from ozpin's office with our heroes hope
he is still alive some how.
with the disturbance of the imperial soldiers roaming around, ms.goodwitch and qrow tells ruby and noct about a magitek generator powering the soldiers, Team RWBY and Noct's group set a plan to separate once they enter into the academy.
Team RWBY goes after roman torchwick and Noct's Group goes after to take out the generator, now the final stretch of our heroes journey is almost to a close.
12:15 AM, Beacon Academy
White Fang troops was scouting the area, as imperial soldiers stood on stand by looking from left and right for any signs of intruders.
One of the white fang troops yawns tiredly as he stood against the wall. "" he was suddenly punched in the face as yang came from the darkness as Ruby,Noct and
:icondigital-silvereyes:Digital-SilverEyes 5 1
RWBY Fantasy - 2 Logo :icondigital-silvereyes:Digital-SilverEyes 4 7 MMD: Cloud vs. Squall :icondigital-silvereyes:Digital-SilverEyes 9 2 Meme #105 Your battle Theme :icondigital-silvereyes:Digital-SilverEyes 14 25 MMD RWBY: Surprise! :icondigital-silvereyes:Digital-SilverEyes 24 8 MMD: Ruby and Cloud :icondigital-silvereyes:Digital-SilverEyes 14 1 FFXIV Online: Making Ruby's Descendant :icondigital-silvereyes:Digital-SilverEyes 14 4
RWBY Power Levels
Hey guy's recently i found this reddit post..that was made
January of this year..keep in mind i did not make these power levels..all credit goes
to the person who made this...
for power levels..this person used the normal dbz standard way of doing it
this person uses the numbers and try to come up the power level of these characters based
on from kid goku from the emperor pilaf saga from dragonball...and here's what he came up with.
Option 1
Ruby (Base)-26
Ruby (Silver Eyes)-120
Yang (Base)-28
Yang (Enraged)-50
Jaune (Vol 1)-7
Jaune (Vol 4)-15
Cinder (Half-Maiden)-70
Cinder (Fall Maiden)-100
keep in mind..this is what he came up with..can be accurate or's your perspective..if
for rwby oc Digi and his level is 23
and if i had to make up a number for a aura boost it would be x2 in power level so he would be at 46 with his aura b
:icondigital-silvereyes:Digital-SilverEyes 6 0
MMD RWBY: Ruby Rose Render #4 :icondigital-silvereyes:Digital-SilverEyes 47 0 RWBY Meme #12: Choose your Class :icondigital-silvereyes:Digital-SilverEyes 21 20 RWBY 30 Day Challenge: #12 Least Favorite Episode :icondigital-silvereyes:Digital-SilverEyes 1 0
RWBY Fantasy ~ Chapter 37
Chapter 37: Calm before the Storm
Ruby wakes up from being in the astral realm,she finds herself outside the galdin quay she quickly called up yang as the two became in shock into finally talking to one another, shortly yang said it's been 5 months since ruby disappeared.
yang tells her on what's been going on lately but mostly noting to what happened to penny,qrow and noctis. she also mentioned noctis got a few of his friends to help out on the matter,yang asks ruby if she wants them to send them to pick her up.
ruby agrees as she waits at the galdin quay until then,later ruby finally meets the trio..Ignis,Gladio and Prompto long time friends of noctis the 4 left as they introduce themselves to her once they got into the regalia they were off to meet outside of beacon academy as ruby is gonna finally re-unite with her friends..
11:32 PM, Beacon Academy
Ruby suddenly felt taps on her shoulders. "hey wake up we're here.." ruby heard gladio's voice as she stretches her arms out in
:icondigital-silvereyes:Digital-SilverEyes 5 0
Samurai Jack Then and Now :icondigital-silvereyes:Digital-SilverEyes 29 16 RWBY 30Day Challenge: #11 Least Favorite Character :icondigital-silvereyes:Digital-SilverEyes 11 0 RWBY Meme #11 :icondigital-silvereyes:Digital-SilverEyes 15 28


Star Bolt with Imperial and his family :iconstarboltmlp:StarBoltMLP 3 1 'Casual' Pose Download Pack :iconcorrupteddestiny:CorruptedDestiny 320 33 Sora x Namine - I would do anything for you. :iconzadornov151:Zadornov151 11 31 Mimi Tachikawa (Self style practice) :icondivine-justice:divine-justice 21 2 Meiko and Meicoomon :icondivine-justice:divine-justice 11 3 Mina And Mutsu (request#1) :iconluka2060:luka2060 8 2
Mature content
Xeno and Serafall bubble yum (request) :iconchubbypumpkinn:ChubbyPumpkinn 15 7
2B Chibi :icondivine-justice:divine-justice 4 0 Quetzacoalt / Lucoa :iconfrankaraya:frankaraya 97 6 Commission: Samus Metroid Zero Mission :icondanmakuman:DANMAKUMAN 692 44 Commission: Meet the Lucoa :iconfrankaraya:frankaraya 107 6 Yang Xiao Long :iconjeddy017-vz:Jeddy017-VZ 16 0 Ruby Rose :iconjeddy017-vz:Jeddy017-VZ 77 5 MMD Tutorial - simulating waxed floors :icontrackdancer:Trackdancer 246 100 Dragon Slayer :iconejaylee:ejaylee 67 3 2b... :iconunconid:Unconid 9 0

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Favorite Kingdom Hearts Enemy 

21 deviants said Heartless (Kingdom Hearts)
18 deviants said Nobodies (Kingdom Hearts 2)
5 deviants said Dream Eaters (Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance)
3 deviants said Unversed (Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep)


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~Ruby Rose was here

I Love The Marvel Cinematic Universe!!



Who remembers this guy! XD
RWBY Fantasy: Chapters

Volume 1:

RWBY Fantasy ~ Chapter 1
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RWBY Fantasy One Shot ~ Qrow Branwen
RWBY Fantasy One Shot ~ Coco Adel and Velvet Scarlatina
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RWBY Fantasy ~ Chapter 36
RWBY Fantasy ~ Chapter 37
RWBY Fantasy ~ Chapter 38


Inspired by: From Remnant to Eos

Me and :iconspideyk: discussed a little crossover we thought of a fit
what if the story of rwby we know takes place in the future after the events of Final Fantasy XV. Keep in mind
this was very fun to discuss...we discussed what if some of the daemons (the enemies in ffxv)..a bit survived and some how turned
into this new entity..known as grimm.

and we also discussed about how team rwby just hunts grimm for gil...
there is more into this..but it take more time to explain.

Who remembers this guy! XD


Mar 23, 2017
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Mar 23, 2017
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Mar 23, 2017
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Mar 23, 2017
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Mar 23, 2017
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